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85% Raw Dark Chocolate Tablets


chocolate mantra: less sugar, more plants, higher vibes

Ceremonial-grade raw, 85% dark organic chocolate, very lightly sweetened with dates.

Microdosed with herbs, plants, flowers and botanicals.

Single origin Ecuadorian cacao, SPP ethically sourced, vegan, organic.

Recommended Use

Enjoy one mini rectangle at a time.

The bitterness of unprocessed, only slightly sweetened real cacao, can reduce sugar cravings: research has shown that bitter foods (like real cacao) shut off a receptor in our brain that makes us crave sugar.










For those who appreciate really good craft coffee or fine wine. And for those who want to start with something softer than the 100% cacao bars on their dark chocolate destiny.

It's complex, exciting, and for adults only.

Star Ingredients

Coconut: Known in Ayurveda for its calming & stress-fighting properties.
Chicory: A root traditionally used to support gut health & a stressed digestive system

Hibiscus Salt: An uplifting mix of ground hibiscus flowers and a sprinkling of salt.
Calendula: Calendula flowers known for their bright, antioxidant-rich petals.

Cherries: Known for their warming and stimulating effect on the metabolism
Fennel: A powerful Ayurvedic super herb for digestion

Additional Information

Cosmic Dealer's 85% cacao is made with very small pieces of real dates - this difference is crucial when comparing to other 'sugars' because the dates still include fibre. And fiber is what helps balance out the sugar in our body, preventing blood sugar spikes, and making it lower on the glycemic index (GI) than other types of sugars, including honey and coconut sugar.

Dates are also much lower in calories than regular sugar and have far less fructose than agave and honey (so the taste is less 'sweet'). Because they are simply ground whole dried fruit, they also contain all the fruit’s nutrients — vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Maximum pleasure + less sugar

May contain traces of gluten, soy, peanuts, milk, egg, nuts and sesame seeds. Our products are gluten, dairy and soy free but as a precaution we state that traces could be present due to the fact that our herbal suppliers handle some of these items.

You can consume the tablets BLUE CORNFLOWER AND AJAPARITA & CHERRY AND WILD FENNEL without any problem during pregnancy.

For tablets containing Chicory or Calendula petals, these plants are not recommended during pregnancy. However, this advice is based on therapeutic dosages.
Our tablets only contain microdoses dose of these plants, so we do not think that the consumption of our chocolates is contraindicated.

However if in doubt, we recommend asking the advice of a healthcare professional.

Full Ingredients List

COCONUT & CHICORY - Ingredients: Raw cacao mass (85%), Raw cocoa butter, Dates, Coconut powder, Chicory powder, Toasted coconut chips

Nutritional Information per 100g: Energy 2539 Kj 612 Kcal / Fat 44,3g / of which saturates 28,1g / Carbohydrate 36g/ of which sugars 12,1g / Fibre 11g / Protein 12,3g / Salt 0g

HIBISCUS SALT & CALENDULA - Ingredients: Raw cacao mass (85%), Raw cocoa butter, Dates, Salt with hibiscus flowers, Calendula petals.

CHERRY & WILD FENNEL - Ingredients: Raw cacao mass (85%), dates, sour cherries, fennel flower

Nutritional Information per 100g: Energy 2538 Kj 612 Kcal / Fat 44,3g / of which saturates 28g / Carbohydrate 36g/ of which sugars 12,1g / Fibre 11g / Protein 12,3g / Salt 0g

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