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ASTREA - Cleanse & Balance

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ASTREA strengthens your natural detoxification processes to balance your hormones, reunite you with your natural rhythm, while bolstering your nervous system. This harmonizing blend has been formulated to support your liver in filtering endocrine disruptors and toxins that modern lifestyles regularly expose us to. Recalibrate with detoxifying plant remedies to access the radiance possible when you are clarified and peaceful. 

Mood Swings
Sleep Disruptions
PMS + Cramping with Menstruation


Recommended Use


Identify the Conditions: What is the concern you seek to address? While it is common to have more than one condition, ailment, or desired outcome, do your best to take a few minutes to reflect and prioritize them. While every ailment, big or small, is valid and needs to be addressed, for CBD dosing purposes it’s a good practice to identify the most pressing concerns and conditions first.

Determine the Intensity: How intense is the condition or issue you seek to address? Naming the intensity or severity of your condition will help you to decide the right CBD dosage for your situation.

Establish Desired Effects + Outcomes: What do you want out of your CBD Dosage? Just like any relationship, there will be expectations. Knowing what your expectations are will help you arrive at the right amount of CBD to start with, and then adjust CBD doses as your move forward. We invite you to create some visions around how you would like to feel when the CBD is doing its magic. A few examples of desired CBD effects are:

Relaxation of Mind + Muscles

Recovery After Excercise

Reduced Anxiety + Depression

Nausea Prevention

Alleviation of Cancer- Related Symptoms

Pain Management

Reduced Inflammation

Gut Health + Regularity

Sleep Quality


When first getting started, especially if you feel unsure about how much CBD to take, it is important to remember less is more. CBD has a biphasic effect, meaning you will have your own personal and optimal dose-- lower doses of CBD are stimulating while higher doses are sedating, hence why CBD reflective-based dosing is so important.


To begin testing out your CBD dosage, allow 4+ hours before trying a second dose. This helps avoid compounding the effects of subsequent doses.

We recommend you take your first CBD dosage in the morning, your second in the evening, and then adjust accordingly the next day.

CBD has powerful effects on the endocannabinoid system in our bodies—every last cell is affected. With this in mind, it’s important to allow time and space for your endocannabinoid system to open up, for changes to occur, and for the benefits to unfold.

Star Ingredients


Release emotional and/or physical impurities, especially when there is a strong sense of uncleanness, whether real or imagined.
Let go of deep and hidden emotional toxins, especially those emotions which cloud the heart and breathing.
Clear the mind of negative thoughts taken on from others.

Full Ingredients List

*Hemp Seed Oil, *CO2 Extracted Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil, *Black Cumin Seed Oil, *Red RaspberryLeaf Extract, *Dandelion Root Extract, *Flower Essences, Vitamin E, *Grain-Free Alcohol (less than 2% by volume), Water. *Made with Organic Ingredients

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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