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Cookie Drip



Adaptogenic Cookie Drip is LAKA Living's energy nut butter.

Tastes caramel-like, rich, and salty. 

Cookie Drip is the most exciting way to get your daily adaptogens for energy in. 100% raw and stone ground cashew butter with adaptogen-infused cookie dough in every bite. Tastes like candy, but it's actually really good for you. LAKA's proprietary blend of raw Kauai Honey, Maca, Pine Pollen, and Cordyceps are a trifecta for earth-powered energy and endurance all rolled into one hormone-friendly package.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Please consult your healthcare provider before use if pregnant, breastfeeding, or on medication.

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Recommended Use

Use just like you would a nut butter, just know it's more special.

On fruit, in shakes, or by the spoon.


Formulated with Pine Pollen, Cordyceps, and dual-extracted Maca that's low in starch, easy on digestion, and serves as an energizing trifecta for a spread-too-thin body.

Every bite contains immune-boosting, brain charging Kauai honey made from the cleanest bees on the planet free of hive-disrupting toxins.
Rich in clean plant protein (4g) + fiber (3g) in every serving.

95% of customers noticed less cravings after regular use

Full Ingredients List

Cashew, Propietary Blend (10:1 dual-extracted Maca, 1:1 extract Cordyceps Militaris, Lucuma, cracked cell Pine Pollen, Psyllium Husk, Raw Hawaiian Honey), Hawaiian Sea Salt, Vanilla Bean.

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