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Cypress Bath Soak


A magical blend of epsom and French grey salts are combined and include over 80 trace minerals and magnesium - known for their soothing properties. This soak includes hemp-derived Full Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD) and infused arnica montana oil, both recognized for their restorative and anti-inflammatory properties.

Scent: Forest fresh, clean, relaxing, a pacific nw wonderland

The essential oil blend is formulated for muscle and mind relaxation. 

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Recommended Use

For bath - Add two handfuls to bath while the water is running. Swirl soak until absorbed in bath.

For hand/foot soak - Add one tablespoon to bath.

Star Ingredients

Full Spectrum CBD: CBD in its purest form, helps to reduce inflammation + pain in joints, muscles, and skin as well as helping to reduce acne.

Epsom Salt: Sourced from Woodinville, WA, pharmaceutical grade epsom, made of magnesium sulfate, known for soothing sore muscles also reducing swelling, stiffness, and pain.

Arnica: Yellow flowers known to help heal bruised and painful skin and muscles.

Full Ingredients List

Epsom Salt, French Grey Salt 1, Olive Oil 1, Arnica Montana Flower 1, Full Spectrum CBD 1, Cypress Oil 1, Douglas Fir Oil 1, Peppermint Oil 1,2

1. Certified Organic
2. Certified Fair Trade

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