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Deer Antler Velvet


Deer Antler Velvet is a potent source of regenerative factors for physical and mental well being. Containing minerals, collagen, amino acids and growth factor to support a robust constitution.

Deer Antler is used by athletes to support muscular strength. Deer Antler helps support cartilage and joint function.Deer Antler is suitable to both men and women. Deer Antler extract contains hyaluronic acid, a natural substance, also produced in the human body, that maintains elasticity of the skin and connective tissue.

Recommended Use

*Please note that this product is difficult to dissolve. Please use Deer Antler Velvet with the hand held milk frother or in a blender.*

Add one serving to any warm tea, milk, coffee. Take daily or as needed. *

Please make sure lid is on securely

Store in cool, dry place

Do not use wet or moist spoon in powder

Once opened, use within 2-4 months


Pin Yin: Lu Rong
English: Deer Antler Velvet
Latin: Cervus elaphus
Properties: sweet, salty, warm
Channels: Kidney, Liver

Key Characteristics: Fortifies the primal Yang, generates essence, augments the marrow, tonifies Jing.

Indications: Kidney Yang deficiency with fatigue, impotence, cold from deficiency in the uterus leading to infertility, disorders with deficient essence and blood.

R + B's deer antler velvet is from free range Red Deer in the Heilongjiang province in Northeast China. These deer are certified by the Chinese Ministry of Health to be clean and safe. Since the deer are so valuable and deer antler is essentially a renewable “resource,” deer are highly protected. The Deer Velvet is harvested from stags when their antlers are soft and rich with nutritional components like minerals, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes. In the spring antlers naturally grow at an astounding rate of almost 2 cm daily. At approximately day 60 of the growing cycle, the deer are gathered together from the free range, and the antlers are harvested under the auspices of licensed and trained veterinarians. The use of the potent neuroleptanalgesicse, when combined with local nerve blocks allows minimal discomfort to the animal.

Additional Information

A note about animal products.

The decision to carry an animal product such as this was not taken lightly.

Root & Bones's product line is inspired by the thousands years old traditions of Taoist herbalists. Deer Antler Velvet’s ability to fortify Kidney yang, augment the essence and blood, and strengthen the sinews and bones make it a highly valued yang tonic in Chinese culture. Primary uses of deer antler velvet include Kidney yang deficiency, jing and blood deficiency, weakness of the sinews and bones and developmental delays in children. Traditional Chinese Theorists believe that because animals are closer to human beings than plants or other substances, animal substances are more beneficial than plants or minerals in tonifying the jing (essence) of the body.

Full Ingredients List

Cervus elaphus L.(Red Deer) Antler 10:1 Dual Extract 1.25g

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