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Fire Cider

A floral, delicately spiced, and truly sippable Fire Cider. This version is rooted in tradition while embracing the pleasure of what’s subtle and uncommon. Made with a tangy base of apple cider vinegar and sweet wildflower honey, and infused with Hudson Valley-grown saffron, rose hips, young ginger, and garlic.
Recommended Use

Sip 1-2 ounces solo or with bubbly water, tea, or in a hot toddy. If you’re feeling playful, try it in marinades or drizzled over warm, rooty salads. Enjoy it as an herbal tonic daily or a few times a day when you’re under the weather.

Star Ingredients

Ginger's zingy flavor makes herbal blends tastier, and when used at the right dose is a great way to support digestive health and relieve stomach cramping.

Rose Hips
Rich in vitamin C and perfectly tart, this herbal food is a great way to store the bounty of the sunny seasons all winter long.

Full Ingredients List

apple cider vinegar, ginger, garlic, rosehip, onion, rosemary, thyme, honey, and saffron

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