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Free Your Hair Brush - TVM Fern


The FYH Brush is committed to providing education about the importance of scalp health from a holistic standpoint, in a world that seems to largely ignore the potential of caring for ourselves starting deep at the roots.

Brushing our hair regularly encourages life-giving blood flow to feed cell division, and supports healthy rapid hair growth. When we dig deeper under the surface we see that the health of our scalp effects many other aspects of us, from immune function and para-sympathic nervous system to energetic clearing, intuition, and our spiritual connection.

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Recommended Use

Brush out that gorgeous head of hair, vigorously and lovingly for at least 5 minutes. This moves healthy oils to your roots without stripping your scalp. Follow with a good rinse with warm water No suds necessary.


Why Brush?

Hair Growth - Blood circulation feeds mitosis, the division of cells that create the protein of your hair. The more our blood circulates our scalp, the faster our hair grows.

Fascial Release - The fascia is a web of tissue that spreads across your scalp and connects into the rest of your body. This web supports the flow of information throughout your entire system, and it can get tight and blocked from stress and lack of physical stimulation.

When the fascia functions without blockage, it supports cognitive clarity, aids in circulation,
eases tension headaches and migraines.

Lymphatic Release - Lymph is the waters of your body, which carry white blood cells throughout your system. These cells aid in Immune function, and support your bodies ability to protect itself.

Healthy circulation of lymphatic fluid ensures that vital information flow to all of our bodies systems. Scalp stimulation helps keep these waters moving and pumping properly, maximizing our immune response.

Seventh Chakra Clearing - The scalp is located at our 7th Chakra, our body's center of divine spiritual connection. Our 7th chakra is where we access Insight, revelation, experience feelings of one-ness, and receive unconditional love.

The 7th Chakra is where we find our highest self, the great conductor of the symphony.
The act of brushing is largely (yet not entirely) a tradition passed down through the maternal line, and helps us access the feelings of unconditional love from a universal mother.

Caring for our scalp by brushing clears stagnant energy away from the 7th Chakra, allowing it to
shine brightly and function to its highest capability as a receptive energetic center.

Intuition - Connection to your scalp heightens your awareness of your environment, sharpening your intuition and ability to sense what is happening around you.

Scalp care puts you in a deeper connection to this keen awareness and brilliant body signaling ability.
Every single hair follicle in our scalp has its own tiny muscle connected to a nerve. These little muscles constrict and relax in response to every single change of environment, whether we notice it cognitively or not.

When these little muscles restrict, they send signals to our brain to activate stress hormones
and put us on alert. So before your brain even knows it, your body is alert to potential danger,
change of temperature, heightened emotions.

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