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TVM Soap x Wild Lather

a custom essential oil blend that is exclusive to TVM by Wild Lather
Recommended Use

Lather up + breathe deeply

These small batch soaps are handcrafted and air-cured for one month. This time-honored method means triangles may vary in look. Please allow your soap to fully dry in between uses for a longer life span.

Use for full-body bathing, shaving, face wash, sustainable travel, and more. We also recommend keeping among your clothing or linens before use.

Everyone will want to smell you.

Star Ingredients

essential oil blend:
cold-pressed bergamot, organic lavender, clary sage and vetiver

Full Ingredients List

*saponified olive oil, *shea butter, *coconut oil, *camellia oil, *castor oil, kaolin clay + a unique blend of essential oils.

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