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Your morning beverage has worn off and your focus is waning, but the clock says there’s more day to seize. Your classic options won’t do the trick: too jittery, too weak or too bright green. So Alice invented Brainstorm, a smooth flow of mid-day renewal and energy in the form of a sumptuous, all-natural chocolate bite.

*Note: these will ship with a cold pack. Can be stored in the door of your refrigerator in the summer months.

Recommended Use

One square suits most.

Enjoy one dose of Brainstorm when you’re in need of sharp focus or a clean boost of energy. Those looking for a stronger, more prolonged sensation may enjoy a double dose.

Each square contains 66mg of natural caffeine which is equivalent to ⅔ cup of coffee.


Each bite of Brainstorm is formulated to boost long-term cognitive function while also delivering an immediate boost to focus and energy levels.

The long term benefits come from our functional mushrooms. Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps are felt over time — not instantly. When incorporated into a daily routine, the mushrooms’ nutrients compound in your body and become more effective (and noticeable) with sustained use.

But we also know that nothing beats instant gratification. That’s why we’ve added Guarana and Phosphaditylserine to our formula. Guarana is a caffeinated Brazilian berry that provides a smooth flow of energy, and Phosphaditylserine is a fatty acid that improves alertness, reaction time, thinking speed, and focus throughout the day. Each square contains 66mg of natural caffeine which is equivalent to ⅔ cup of coffee.

The result: an indulgent daily routine that’s good for you and only gets better with time.

Star Ingredients

Lion's Mane: The mushroom of the mind. The human brain has tight security. Called the blood-brain barrier, it protects our brains from absorbing substances that could be harmful. The problem is that the blood-brain barrier also filters out a lot of the good stuff that would actually help our brains (which is why so many brain health supplements don’t ultimately work). Lion’s Mane is different — its main compounds are so small that they can sneak past the blood brain barrier to directly stimulate nerve growth factor and improve memory, cognition, neuroplasticity, and brain health. It’s literal brain food.

Cordyceps: The mushroom of the body. Looks like long orange fingers, functions like your body’s most energetic friend. Cordyceps helps your body use oxygen more efficiently by increasing blood oxygen levels, improving circulation and promoting better blood flow. Its also rich in adenosine — an endurance-enhancing compound that optimizes energy levels and mental stamina for improved learning, memory, and central nervous system functions. You can think of Cordyceps as the fungal equivalent to “work smarter, not harder.”

Additional Information

Fairly traded organic dark chocolate, organic Lion’s Mane and organic Cordyceps from 100% fruiting body mushrooms, guarana and phosphatidylserine. Each square contains 66mg of natural caffeine which is equivalent to ⅔ cup of coffee.

Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and kosher

Mushrooms are kind of like plants. They have mycelium (like the root system of a tree) that produce fruiting bodies (like the apple on an apple tree). The fruiting body is the most nutrient-dense part of the mushroom and contains the highest concentration of active compounds that provide medicinal benefits. Alice exclusively uses 100% fruiting body mushroom extracts (many companies instead use mycelium because it costs less).

Full Ingredients List

Alice exclusively uses organic, fruiting body Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps mushrooms that are hand-harvested when their medicinal compounds are at peak concentration. Their mushrooms are dried in the sun to soak up Vitamin D before undergoing a pure, starch-free extraction process.

All ingredients are third-party lab tested for safety and stability, and mushrooms are third-party lab tested for potency.

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