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Brightening Cleansing Oil


This harmonious, aromatic and restorative cleansing oil is enlivened with lemons, limes and mandarin peel oils to delicately cleanse, comfort and revive your skin. 

Ideal for all skin types. 

Recommended Use

Pump 2-3 drops into clean, dry palms. Rub together to warm the oil (this releases the beautiful fragrant aromas.) Apply to your face and neck, gently massaging into the skin (avoid the eyes.) Place a warm washcloth (re: Cloud Cloth) over your face, breathe in and relax. Rinse and wipe the cloth until the day's dirt and grime is gone. Follow with a mist and products of choice.


Gentle cleanse, makeup removing and barrier restoring.

Full Ingredients List

Watermelon Seed Oil#, Raspberry Seed Oil*^, Camellia Oil*^, Papaya Seed Oil*^+, Mandarin Orange Peel Oil*, Lemon Oil*, Lime Oil*

* Organic
^ Virgin
# Wildcrafted
+ Non GMO

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