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CloudCloth Facial Cleansing Cloths


CloudCloth® is part of the UK community of environmentally-friendly beauty brands supporting sustainable products and championing wellbeing for women.

Every cloth produced in the North of England in a mill with a long heritage. They are then delicately packed in natural, recyclable packaging then swiftly delivered to beautiful faces across the world – the glowing reviews just keep coming!

  • Organic cotton face cloths.
  • Perfect cleansing routine essential AM or PM.
  • Dual sided, super soft organic cotton one side, woven organic cotton for exfoliating the other.
  • Glides gently on skin without drag or pull, removing makeup and skincare with ease.
  • Hang tag for easy drying.
  • Reusable alternative to face wipes and other cleansing disposables.
  • Handmade with care in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.
  • Packaging is carbon neutral, printed on 100% recycled stock using vegetable based inks and solar power in Bristol, United Kingdom.
  • Hanging tag label is made in Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom.
  • A lovely gifting idea, something practical that can be used many, many times.

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