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Mango, Urfa Chili and Black Lime Chocolate

Sun-cured sweetness, smoke, and zest
Late afternoon at the spice market
Succulent mango slices mingle with subtly smoky chili from Spicewalla, tart black lime, and a pinch of flake salt atop our date-sweetened dark chocolate set off a savory sweetness that feels both tantalizing and enchanting, all with 0g added sugar.
NET WT 3.25OZ (92G)
Recommended Use

Consume to your heart's content!
Preferably in the company of good friends, basking in the glow of the setting sun.

Store in a cool, dry space
Your kitchen pantry is perfect.
Refrigerating or freezing may cause blooming
Perfectly safe, but slightly unsightly.

Star Ingredients

Originating from India and Bangledesh, mangoes win the prize for the world’s most popular fruit, offering a succulent and aromatic tasting experience. Packed with dietary fibers, they aid in the digestion of sugars, and contain a super antioxidant called mangiferin that is known to be good for heart health. Bonus!

Urfa Chili
Spiceawalla Urfa Chili is grown in the hills surrounding the ancient Turkish city of Urfa, where the hot, dry days, cold nights, and sandy soil create a unique terroir. Cured in the sun and stone-ground, our Urfa Chili packs a smoky kick and subtle sweetness, with notes of raisin and coffee. They also contain folate (that spurs metabolism) and capicsum (that offers antioxidant properties).

Black Lime
Common in Persian cooking, black limes are a versatile, ancient Omani spice with a savory, tart flavor. Nutritionally, they’re rich in vitamins, especially vitamin D and vitamin C, and pack a huge concentration of minerals, including potassium and calcium.

Cacao Beans
S & P's Suhum Cacao is what chocolate is meant to be—sumptuous, fudgy, and rich. These incredible beans offer the highest iron content of any plant and boost serotonin, tryptophan, tyrosine, and phenylethylamine—bliss chemicals associated with wellbeing and happiness.

Full Ingredients List

Suhum Cacao Beans*
Cacao Butter*
Unsweetened Dried Mango
Spicewalla Urfa Chili
Black Lime
Jacobsen Flake Salt

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