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Manifest - Ritual Incense


Scent: Juniper

Crystal: Natural Citrine Point

These colourful rope incense are to be used for setting intentions around manifestation. Whether it be for attracting prosperity, calling in a new job, the onset of a new project, inviting in love, or creating a new narrative… Set your intention, communicate your invocation to the Universe, and charge your crystal with what you wish to attract.

Each box contains 15 hand-rolled rope incense, a natural Citrine point, and directions on how to perform your intention ritual.

Additional Information

These beautiful, traditional Tibetan rope incense are hand-made by a women’s collective in Nepal. They are made of rice paper with ground juniper inside. That’s all. No filler, no fragrance, no chemicals. They can be burned on a rope incense burner, or on a fire-proof dish.

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