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Pom Flexible Vibrator


A flexible, waterproof vibe. Pom gives you broad or targeted stimulation with its powerful, rumbly motor and five patterns.

Pleasure around the bend

Pom bends to your every whim. With no internal body, it's soft and flexible enough to conform to your hip movements and snuggle close to your vulva. 

Like the back of your hand

Pom is ergonomic and small enough to nestle within the palm of your hand. It has tactile, intuitive controls for a confusion-free user experience.

Gets the job done

Pom has our most powerful motor yet, and four brand-new patterns to explore. Its continuous intensity controls allow you to choose your ideal speed, so it’s not just good enough — it’s gratifying.

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Recommended Use

Using Pom:
-Please fully charge your Pom before use.
-Pom has a button for power and patterns and another for intensity.
-You can change the vibration strength for any setting in two ways: Hold the intensity button for a steady change of vibration strength or press the intensity button to change vibration strength in steps.

Charging Pom:
-If the battery is low the LED will blink red when the power button is pressed.

Travel Mode:
-Hold the power button for 10 seconds to activate Travel Mode—the LED will blink for those 10 seconds and flash red at the end.
-Pom cannot be turned on accidentally while in Travel Mode.
-Plug Pom in to exit Travel Mode.

Caring for Pom:
-Pom is waterproof.
-Clean Pom after every use using either soap and water or a water-based sex toy cleaner.
-Store Pom separately from other toys and away from extreme heat or cold.

-Do not use silicone-based lube with Pom.
-Do not clean Pom with products containing alcohol, petroleum, or acetone.
-Do not boil, bake, microwave, or clean Pom in the dishwasher.
-Do not overbend.

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