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TVM Fern Beanie

Winter is HERE! Stay warm, look great and support your love for TVM ;)
This Atlantis Pure beanie is one of the most famous shapes upgraded with breakthrough recycling registered process called Polylana®. The PURE beanie mixes classic style with an ultra soft blend of recycled and virgin yarn that consumes less energy and water than standard yarn in the production process.

Polylana® is an innovative fiber with a reduced environmental impact that can be used as a sustainable alternative to acrylic. To improve performance in terms of sustainability, functionality and aesthetics, Polylana® can be mixed with other fibers. Furthermore, Polylana® can be dyed at low temperatures giving the product, once knitted, a unique delicacy and texture.

The yarn certified according to Standard 100 By Oeko-Tex ® certifies the absence of chemicals harmful to humans and the environment

Recommended Use

Wash gentle cycle or by hand with like colors. Gently wring out with a towel and lay flat to dry.

Additional Information

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is the most known independent control and certification system in the world that tests the use of harmful substances at all stages of textile production, from raw materials to finished products. The STANDARD is a guarantee that the product has been tested against the use of harmful substances and that it is safe in human-ecological point of view. The requirements of the certification go beyond national and international safety standards established by law and the test includes the verification of regulated and unregulated substances, as well as those prohibited

Polylana® fiber is an eco-efficient staple fiber with characteristics similar to acrylic of wool fiber, at lower impact. Polylana® fiber allows to be blended with any natural and synthetic fiber to enhance and adjust performance, look, or other characteristics of the final product and it is always certified by Control Union.

Fabric made with recycled polyester yarn obtained from post-consumer PET bottles.

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